Ready for the magic?

  • Want perfect skin?
  • Would you like to stand out in the crowd and shine?
  • Are you ready to glow natural beauty?

The ManukaGoldMagic! Active Manuka Honey & Seaweed Infusion works wonders.

Here's how...



Our proprietary blend of polishing 20+ Manuka Honey Powder crystals suspended in seaweed and vitamins work as a scrub and cleanser to:

  • Exfoliate dead skin cells that make skin look dull
  • Stimulate blood circulation
  • Accelerate cell turn over



Next, our spectacular anti-aging face-lift connects to impurities that normal cleansers can't reach.

  • Connects to the dirt, toxins and oils trapped within your pores.
  • Cleanses and draws out impurities.
  • Wiping away, you wipe away toxins, oil, dirt, grime and dead skin cells buried within.



With these barriers removed, our active 20+ Manuka Honey, seaweed and antioxidants are better able to penetrate to the cellular regrowth layers of your skin helping to unveil your new youthful, vibrant, radiant look.

  • Honey, a natural humectant draws moisture from the air and locks it into skin cells.
  • Creates a moist healing environment that's conducive to healthy tissue growth.
  • Active ingredients revitalise, nourish and speed up cell renewal.

Let your skin glow natural beauty!

On their own each product is amazing, together, the results are incredible!

We believe that nothing else can help cleanse toxins and speed up cell renewal like ManukaGoldMagic!.

Better yet, say goodbye to the 6 or 7 products you used to use and spend just minutes, not hours treating your skin each day!

Suitable for all skin types

Lasts up to 120 days. Works for all ages. Is hypo-allergenic...

We're so confident in the magic we offer a strong guarantee. If you find that results aren't as expected, simply take advantage of our 90 day money back guarantee and we'll refund your money.

Discover how it works...

How it works
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