Step 1: Revita-Cleanse

Step 1: Revita-Cleanse

Step 1: Revita-Cleanse

Your first step to a fresh, healthy, natural glow with ManukaGOLD starts with Revita-Cleanse. This luxurious product is a scrub and cleanser in one, which softens skin.

Apply a small amount and gently massage face using small circular motions. Adding a little water at a time, it dissolves to becomes a creamy cleanser. The more water you add, the more it breaks down. The creamy cleanser is ideal for taking off mascara and eye makeup. Keep eyes shut tightly, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Please note: Test on the back of your dry hand. If it feels too harsh add a little water to your fingers. The more water you add the more it breaks down.


  • Can be used daily.
  • Can be used on body.

Step 2: Rejuva-Lift

Step 2: Rejuva-Lift

Step 2: Rejuva-Lift

This exclusive two part mask will both tighten your skin and pores.

Place one scoop of Rejuva-Lift A (powder) in lid/small container and one scoop of Rejuva-Lift B (activator). Blend to form a thin paste. Apply in an upward and outward motion.

As Rejuva-Lift dries you may feel a tingling/pulsating sensation. Keep facial muscles relaxed (relax, lie down (if possible)). Once dry add water to break up... Keep using water and a face cloth to remove all residue.


  • Use lift at least once a week.
  • For a more intense lift use less Rejuva-Lift B creating a thicker paste.

Step 3: Regen-R8

Step 3: Regen-R8

Step 3: Regen-R8

Step 3 of our unique 4 Step process involves applying a small amount of Regen-R8 expression wrinkles serum.

Apply Regen-R8 sparingly to expression wrinkles... i.e, crows feet, under eye wrinkles, forehead creases - Allow a few minutes to dry and then apply moisturiser.


  • For maximum results Regen-R8 should be used morning & evening under moisturiser.
  • The difference is noticeable after a few days use with optimum results between 30 – 90 days.

Step 4: Replena-Moist

Step 4: Replena-Moist

Step 4: Replena-Moist

Allow a few minutes for Regen-R8 to dry...

Finally, apply Replena-Moist moisturiser to your face & décolletage in an upward and outward motion.


  • Apply this rich absorbing cream sparingly.
  • Use morning and night with Regen-R8.
  • Can be used on body.

... A new era of affordable,
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ManukaGOLD™ contains premium grade 800+ MGO Manuka Honey sourced from the finest producers in New Zealand.

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Product questions

Questions about the ManukaGOLD Ultimate 3 Step Regime.

Can ManukaGOLD™ be used on sensitive skin?

Yes. ManukaGOLD products are hypoallergenic and reactions are virtually nonexistent.

What are the Ultimate 3 Step product sizes?

1. Revita-Cleanse 100g
2. Rejuva-Lift A 50g / Rejuva-Lift B 60mL
3. Regen-R8 17mL
4. Replena-Moist 80mL

Do you accept returns & replacements?

Yes. We are so convinced that you will love our ManukaGOLD™ we cheerfully offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

Try them and see for yourself...

If they do not perform according to your expectations, we will refund your money any time within 90 days of purchase (Just return the unused portion within 90 days of purchase and we will issue you a full refund. There is no refund on shipping costs).

How long will a set last?

The ManukaGOLD™ R8 4 Step has been designed to last 60 days, however, some customers are getting double that (depends on how much is used and frequency).

Is ManukaGOLD™ suitable for all age groups?

While our range resonates with the more mature demographic, we have users in their teens who are loving the results and all the ages in between.

It's basically because manuka honey works on the skin... Regardless of age.

ManukaGOLD™, ManukaSea or Papaya eXtreme? Which is best?

All of our regimes are unique and exclusive formulations made in Australia with great care.

ManukaGOLD™ is our premium brand comprising the highest grade ingredients and is renowned for its amazing anti-aging capabilities.

ManukaGOLD™ works extremely well with all skin types and aids a vast plethora of skin conditions.

If you’ve never tried any of our products before we recommend that you start with ManukaGOLD™.

From where do you source your Manuka Honey?

New Zealand.

Australia possesses some very promising antibacterial honeys.

The major issue is that the leptospermum (manuka) tree in Australia, while similar is not the exact same species as the New Zealand version. At this point we believe that New Zealand Manuka Honey is the most beneficial for anti-aging and skin clearing purposes.

Ordering questions

FAQs about ordering ManukaGOLD products.

Where else can I buy ManukaGOLD™ products?

At this point our unique and exclusive Australian made products are only available online via this site.

Update: Please check our Store Locator.

Do you offer samples?

Unfortunately we don't offer samples, however, we totally understand that users with sensitive skin are always cautious to try something new. We do offer a no questions asked 90 day 100% money back guarentee.

How do I include special delivery instructions?

Enter your special message in the "Delivery Instructions (Optional)" box (immediately above the "Place Order" button on our check out page).

Site questions

FAQs about using this site and site security.

I don’t have a credit card, how else can I order?

We accept multiple payment options including PayPal, direct deposit, cheque & money order.

Phone order
If you have a credit card but don’t like using web sites call 1300 665 443 and leave your name, shipping address and contact details. If required we will call you to take your details over the phone.

Please note: ManukaGOLD™ is a brand of Nu Bella Pty Ltd.

Direct deposit
Our bank account details:
Bank name: NAB
ACC name: Nu Bella Pty Ltd
BSB number: 084-707
ACC number: 98-995-5799
Please be sure to include your name in the message/reference field.

Cheque or money order
Please make cheque or money order payable to:
Nu Bella Pty Ltd
PO Box 403
Queensland 4209

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What is a Profile?

If you did click on “Create Profile” you would have been asked to choose a password. In this instance a profile will have been created for you. A profile allows you to use your email and password to log into our site where your account details, address and order history are stored for quick access and speedy reordering.

Is your site secure?

To protect your data we employ a high quality SSL certificate which encrypts all customer/client information.

Strict security measures are in place to restrict physical access to our dedicated servers which include 24x7 manned security.

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