"Dry, sensitive skin gone! Look at my skin now... It's amazing."
- Genevieve 15


I love it!

"I look at my skin before and after and I can really see the difference."
- Shelley 51


Thank you!

"I love the natural ingredients and the way it makes my skin feel."
- Elizabeth 67


Very excited!

"Always believed in taking care of my skin with good products."
- Bobi 38 & Dayna 14


Fantastic on my skin!

"They help me with my breakouts and I would recommend them absolutely."
- Jan 56

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Awesome stuff!
- Bianca Brooks

I love this stuff.
- Lyla LeeSans

Love these products.
- Karen McNeeley

Love it.
- Larna Upward

Love it.
- Julie Chloe

Have to agree my skin is loving this.
- Julie Smyth

Absolutely amazing improvement from the first use ! Skin feels refreshed, radiant and balanced... Amazingly hydrated but not greasy or oily! Thank you ManukaSea for this great range love this.
- Adelle Kelly

I love these products! My skin has never felt better.
- Jodie Johnstone

It is the best skin product.
- Lauren Mccomb

Absolutely THE BEST product.
- Betty Wilton

Ordered my first order, very impressed. Can't believe how fast delivery was. Only used the product for first time, but already love it.
- Margaret Blundell-Pope

Love this skin care product.
- Betty Wilton

I love this brand best ever.
- Kezza Bas

Wouldn't use anything else!
- Ute Totterdell

You have to try it to believe it! Amazing!
- Sue Irwin

Brilliant product... My skin has never been so healthy.
- Renee Grant

My friend noticed a difference in my skin and I recommended the product. It really works!!!
- Jill Young

Best skin care product on the market!
- Aileen Gilmour

Yeah I agree, I luv it.
- Leanne Ricou

Awesome - thanks! I am ABSOLUTELY loving my new skin are range! My skin feels so clean and hydrated! Love your products!
- Melissa J Fisher

I have very sensitive skin and virtually nothing works. I have finally found a product that I can stick with!!
- Tania Thoms

Your product is the most effective I have used by far.
- Jodie Johnstone

I love your skin care! Can really feel my skin soaking in the goodness and loving it so thank you...
- Elizabeth Horvath

I've finally found something that works for me and am feeling good about myself again. Wonderful service and product knowledge. Amazing products.
- Barbara Gibbens

I love your product. It has really helped with my severe skin condition! Such an amazing product and I tell everyone about it.
- Leah Fraser

This product is AWESOME. I just love the feel and the smell all I can say is yum yum yum. Sitting here right now with your mask on and the smell is divine.
- Leanne Ricou

It is fantastic. I brought it a couple months ago makes my old skin feel really smooth soft and has helped me with a cancer spot I had also love it.
- Ann Taylor

Wow, delivered within 1.5 days to outback N.T. I have used it this morning and it is amazing.
- Fiona Haggie-Hunt

I have been using your product now for a few months and it's just the best.
- Linda Beehag

Love this produce! Have purchased the moisturiser, scrub & mask set. You must try the honey & seaweed moisturiser it makes my skin feel amazing!
- Leona Byquar

Been using it for over a year - It is fantastic.
- Gillian West

Love the product... Thanks.
- Marlene Willcocks

I have been using your products now for months and I love it. I'm so happy with your product. I have been getting the face scrub and the face moisturiser. Just the best.
- Linda Beehag

I've been using salt scrub & moisturiser for a while now which I'm loving!!!
- Jodi Johnston

I have just tried the moisturiser. Loving it!!
- Li Ann Mah

Thank you so much for such a quick delivery... I have started using your product & really love it.
- Fran Adelt

Hi all you lovely people at ManukaSea. A great big "Thank You" for a very fast & efficient delivery. It's excellent customer service like this that will keep me coming back for more of your beautiful products.
- Pauline Perrett

OMG, Yes, I tell everyone about the Manuka. I really do love it.... Lovely people and lovely products. What more could we as customers ask for? Thanks again for your ongoing excellent customer support.
- Shelly Stephenson

I have been using ManukaSea! Magic for a few months now and absolutely love it.
- Carolyn Danks

Hey, I received my magic honey Thursday and love it. Was having a lot of influx with an acid taste but haven't had anything since taking my magic honey. Thank you. Love it.
- Raewyn Dowd

I have been using the ManukaSea! Magic moisturiser for some time now and love the product.
- Annie Economou

Hello wonderful people! Why? I received my parcel via Express Post in 2 days here in SA! Exceptionally fast delivery! Just love your products! Keep up the excellent service!
- Darissa Hoffmann

These products are magic! I LOVE them, and my skin feels beautiful.
- Christina McDonald

Thank you for your speedy reply. I have already received the honey thank you. Very fast delivery too. It is wonderful honey and worked like a miracle for my daughter who had an ulcer.
- Elaine

OMG WOW Love these products!
Nick Dellas

Great product..great delivery service. So glad I discovered ManukaSea.
- Gill Perkins

OMG, I received my creams yesterday and have to say after using many different face creams nothing yet has compared to yours. It is fantastic and I am very pleased to have found something so special. So thank you so much. I will be recommending it to everyone I know.
- T Eames

Several months ago I tried your fab products for the first time. I was initially very concerned about using the scrub twice a day. My skin is mature and very sensitive. However, I have found if I add water to the palm of my hand that has a small amount of the scrub, I have no problems. In fact, I was asked the other day if I have had Botox, and I was delighted to say 'No'. I am thrilled not only with the effectiveness of this product, but the price as well. I am on my second purchase, and I could not be happier. Thank you so, so much!
- S Lane

So many have commented. I have a serious skin condition and I use your products with such great success. I have tried so many and none have worked as I always reacted but yours is so great my skin has never looked better and so many people have commented. I would like to know if you are working on a body cream...
- D Ironmonger

I just need to say a great big THANKYOU!! … Ever since I was a teen I have struggled with skin problems, blemishes, acne, black heads- you name it, my skin had it! and I had tried everything to fix it..proactive, face mask, home remedies etc but nothing worked, the acne just kept coming back. Smothering my face in concealer and foundation became part of my daily ritual just so I could face the day. Last week my work colleague (Melissa Corney) came to work GLOWING and looking as though she had had Botox, she told me about your products and I knew straight away she had discovered something AMAZING!! I went home that night and ordered it for myself. I have to say WOW! It really works, Its only been 3 days and already my acne is clearing up, my face is no longer red, my pores have dramatically reduced in size and my skin feels so smooth and gorgeous, I can't thank you enough. I will continue to buy ManukaSea Magic for the rest of my life. It’s given me back my confidence!
- M Ginns

WOW!!! what a difference the sea salt scrub made. I no longer have dry cracked skin on my hands and have made it part of my routine to use on my hands at least once a week.
- J Ramsey

Can't live without the Manuka Sea Magic 3 Step cleanser. It really works. I have been using it for 12 months now. Luv it.
- S Rose

I just received my first order of Manuka Sea Magic. The cleansing scrub was pure luxury, absolutely beautiful. My skin felt so good... Also I think you should add a Body Wash and Body Moisturiser to your products list. I am so impressed.
- Tania M.

It has been just under 3 weeks of me trying out the ManukaSea Magic products. All I can say is " WOW ".
- Monika

Hi there, I would like to say how happy I am with the improvement in my skin after using Manuka Sea Magic skin care for approx 1 month; I will certainly continue to use it.
- M Mackay

I placed my order yesterday afternoon and got the products today! That was the fastest delivery period I have ever experienced! I can feel that you look after your customers very well...
- K Yahiro

The best skincare I have ever used!
- S Barrett

I was asked for my ID the other day to prove I was over 18..... I am almost 47 haha!
- K Mckay

I have seen Dr’s, Dermatologist, Naturopath's, used antibiotics lotions and potions to have no results. I honestly am so very grateful that at long last I have found these products."
- K Fildes

The results are FANTASTIC. I have ordered it for a friend as she was amazed. No crows feet or lines around my mouth now.
- S Rose

The best honey and sea produce in one... Way to go! I swear that 'ManukaSea' is the best skin care I have ever used."
- V Copping

The warm water scrubbing action melts the salt crystals into the honey and almond oil blend to create a seductively smooth skin purifier. The mask has strikingly visible purifying results and the moisturiser permeates perfectly with no unctuous aftermath.
- DLC, Paris, France

My skin is too precious not to give it the best. Don't stop making this product, because I'm throwing all other products out!
- T Rockley

Have already noticed a couple of largish patches of pigmentation are beginning to fade and some scarring on my chin is beginning to feel more flattened out.
- K Hannah

It hydrates my skin, it's never flaky anymore, always feels soft and has helped to settle a scar on my chest. Thank you so much, your products are wonderful.
- S Lapudooh

My friends can't believe it and I feel so much better now.

- J Beal

It smells fresh and clean and leaves my skin feeling likewise.
- E Godden

Thank you for a fabulous product.
- J Shaw

Natural, gentle and a little bit does go a long way. So thanks very much!
- A Clegg

My somewhat fussy sister also tried it the other day and she also received comments on how her skin was positively glowing!
- D Herft

All I can say is "WOW"! A change for the better. Keep it up guys.
- M Subritzky

Skin conditions - Before & after 2 weeks

I love it!

After two weeks of using the ManukaSea! Magic 3 Step my skin is glowing. My beauty therapist couldn't believe it and said to me, "Whatever you're using don't stop!" It's one of those impulse buys I'm so glad I made!
- J Ramsey, NSW

More comfortable to socialise now

The first photo is quite hideous of me but shows my skin discolouration and spider veins forming in my cheeks and dark patches appearing near my ears. The second: No more dark patches on my skin and it looks healthy. The red spider veins in my cheeks have almost disappeared. My skin colour is more even with only a few patches barely noticeable now. I can barely notice the spider veins in my cheeks which has been a blessing. I love how my face feels after using all the products and now feel so much more comfortable socialising now and not so keen to stay home. I am confident and no longer embarrassed. - L Bell, WA

Nothing but the truth

I must tell the truth... I've been looking for this Manuka product for a long time. I am a Queenslander now living in Victoria and have a lot of marks on my face from the sun (sun spots). I've tried a lot of things, but only just found your products a couple weeks ago and decided to give them a try. My face is almost clear from rough, red spots and I am very grateful. Keep up the good job. Thank you. - M Chernush, VIC

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